My First Camera

I have been making short forays into photography these past couple of weeks and I am beginning to love every moment of it. It was really difficult at first as the camera looks pretty much complicated with all its knobs and buttons, not to mention it had a detachable nose, um lens I mean, and the likes. Now I am like a little child absorbing any and all the information I can get with regards to its parts and also on how to use it.

It started when my father gifted me with the camera from out of the blue. It was neither my birthday nor was there any occasion to warrant such gifts. I told him I could better use a new phone than a camera but thinking about it, I am now really glad that it was a camera.

I actually even forgot about it for several days and just left it in one of my drawers. It’s when I was searching for one of my earrings did I see it again. I tinkered with it a little not really knowing what to do, but yes I did managed to turn it on eventually.

I looked out the window and saw a little bird on a tree just outside my window, I pushed a couple of buttons and to my surprise the bird appeared closer and much larger. It was the zoom function apparently and there started my love affair with the thing. I think I even slept late that night trying mightily hard to read the manual.

I understood much of its functions the next day when I browsed about it on the internet. I also learned several nifty things that I could do with it like taking big panoramic shots of large places and taking delayed exposure shots that leaves streaks of light on the finished picture, now how cool is that.

I even searched for several nice accessories associated with the camera like the best travel tripod or the best customized sling bag just for me to look thoroughly professional when I go out with my gear even though I haven’t yet totally mastered using the camera. Well I believe appearance really matter that’s why, and it would make me learn faster just by trying to keep up with my gear.

Want to know what my first subject was? Well apparently it was my mom’s brand new water filter which she dubs as the best reverse osmosis system that is currently available in the market today. I believe her really. What with the way that thing looks like, it really must be. I’ll just print the picture afterwards and frame it. They will be surprised about it especially dad who’s the one who gave me the camera.

Glad I tried using it first before I gave up on it. Imagine the things I wouldn’t have found out if I just left the camera on my drawer. I am even planning on taking camera courses just to be adept at it, who knows, I might even earn from it.

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