Pregnancy Signs Which Needs Doctor’s Attention

News of a couple expecting their first child can bring joy to many people and can even reunite families torn by relationship problems. In the hospital where I work as a nurse, I saw how some couples get excited to become parents upon the delivery of their first child. There were also parents who were very eager to record the first moments of their baby.

The joy of parenthood normally starts the day first-time parents discover that they are expecting. It can be an experience full of mixed emotions of excitement and also worries. And their worries have to do with the uncertainties surrounding pregnancy.

Most women have normal or healthy pregnancies. Unfortunately, many others will experience a risky pregnancy which would need constant monitoring by her doctor. Here are some of the signs that you may be having an abnormal or risky pregnancy:

1. Period while pregnant

If you are having a period even after you tested positive, it may be caused by vaginal bleeding which is one of the signs of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. If the bleeding is associated with cramping just like period cramps, it could be a miscarriage. But if you also experience lower abdominal sharp pains, it could be ectopic pregnancy. In any situation, you need to see your doctor immediately.

2. Excessive nausea or vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are normal especially during the first trimester. But if you are experiencing them to the point of dehydrating yourself or excessively losing weight, you may have to check with your doctor for some relief.

3. Vaginal Discharge

Some expecting moms may experience a vaginal discharge during pregnancy. In some cases, vaginal discharge may also be a sign of a transmittable disease or infection which could affect your baby. Early treatment is the key to solving this problem. Don’t be shy about your condition and let your doctor know what is going on so that you could be treated while still treatable.

4. High Fever

A 38-degree-celsius fever during your pregnancy could be a sign of a serious infection which may cause harm to your baby. If the fever is associated with joint pains and rashes, it could be a sign of an infection which commonly results to congenital diseases among children if not treated properly. Before matters get any worse, see your doctor immediately.

5. Burning pain during urination

A burning sensation while urinating could be a sign of a urinary tract infection or bladder infection which can lead to a more serious pregnancy condition if left untreated.

5. Flare-ups of existing chronic disease

Women who have existing medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, lupus, high blood pressure or thyroid disease should closely monitor their condition while in their pregnant state. If any of these existing conditions becomes uncontrollable, it may have serious consequences on their unborn child.

While I have witnessed several successful childbirths in the ER, I also have seen some expecting moms sadly losing their baby due to certain complications in their pregnancy. So if you are experiencing any of the abovementioned conditions, don’t hesitate to see your doctor for advice and treatment right away.

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