Tattoo Scabbing and Skin Tear: Is it Normal?

love momGetting a tattoo is pretty common nowadays. In fact, just this morning, I saw a group of tattooed men walking down the street. They are almost everywhere. You can see them in many public places such as schools, parks, supermarkets and even in the movies or television programs that we watch. And they are as popular among women and men.

It is said that tattoos are an expression of individuality. But there are some risks associated with tattoos. Among them are skin tearing and tattoo scabbing. These conditions are more common when the tattoo is still new. In fact, I talked with one of our local tattoo artists and asked him about the common side effects of getting a tattoo. And he told me about scabbing and tearing of the skin.

If you are planning to get a tattoo, you should know about these common side effects because it may influence your decision.

Tattoo scabbing

Scabs on tattoos are normal and they will usually fall off after a few days. However, if they are forcibly removed, the ink may also come out and worsen your skin problem.

There are quite a few ways to prevent the formation of tattoo scabs. The most important approach is to wash the area carefully five times daily. Though the washing has to be thorough, there should be no pressure applied. Even drying has to be done carefully without rubbing. Washing should start on the first day and should be continued for three days. This will prevent the formation of tattoo scabies.

Skin tear

When you get inked, there is some form of skin tearing or perforation involved. It is just normal and many artists would admit to this fact. But with improper technique and unsanitary needles and tools used, it will put you more at risk of infection and other transmissible diseases.

Furthermore, because of the tearing, you are also more prone to allergic reactions of the ink used. That is because most of the pigments used in tattooing contain mercury, cadmium, cobalt or dichromate, which are all toxic to our health. You will know that you have allergic reactions if you experience pain in the tattooed area that gets worse by the day. Skin lesions may also develop.

If you experience any of the above skin conditions, you should consult a skin expert to advice you on what to do or to receive proper treatment. They are serious skin problems which must not be neglected. If not given proper attention, they could lead to infection.

Although getting a tattoo is gaining in popularity in mainstream society, it is something you should think about first before getting one. It is important to note that tattoos have certain health risks such as leaving a scar on your skin or worst, can infect you with certain diseases. Scabies and skin tear are just some of the common problems you may encounter. That is why I personally advise my friends to think twice or thrice before getting a tattoo.

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