Tips in Choosing Coloring Pages for Children

coloring booksColoring pages are among the most popular gift items for children. Aside from toys, many parents, grandparents and relatives, including myself, prefer to give coloring pages as gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. Not only are these items affordable, they also offer several benefits to children.

Coloring pages could teach children to recognize colors, to color properly within the lines, and to be able to learn how to draw. In general, it teaches children to be artistic. In fact, coloring sessions are common in preschool because even professionals recognize their importance in honing the artistic side of children. Additionally, as your child learns to color, it will also help hone her imaginations. You may notice your child starting to make stories out of every drawing. Your child may start drawing a prince beside a princess drawing, or drawing mountains and trees in the background of a house drawing.

I personally like giving coloring pages as a gift because of their many benefits. But sometimes, because of the many choices available, I am having a hard time deciding on which one to choose. When you visit a book store or a school supplies section, you will know how many choices you have. Nowadays, it is common to find Disney’s Frozen coloring pages as inspired by the popularity of the movie. Skylanders coloring pages are also equally popular among boys and girls. Other popular options are Disney princesses, animals and objects.

If you are not sure about which type of coloring pages to give as a gift, first consider the age of your recipient. Coloring pages with objects and shapes are more suitable for toddlers and children of up to three years old. They are normally much easier to color and would also teach them basic and more complex shapes like a heart or a star. For older children, they normally have special preferences depending on their gender and interest. For instance, boys normally like coloring pages with their favorite martial arts characters while girls normally like to color princesses.

Moreover, if your child is older and already has a personal choice, you could also just let him choose his coloring pages. That way, you will not doubt if he will like what you will give him or not. But you can guide your child if you think that his choices are not appropriate for his age or if there are some violent drawings included that are teaching negative values.

From being toddlers as children mature in age, their choices for coloring pages may also change. From basic shapes, they may develop an interest in a particular type of coloring page like cartoon characters, princesses, super heroes and many others. And their coloring skills may also greatly improve. But while coloring pages are great for children, allow also your child to play with other toys. Don’t force your child into coloring if he or she likes to play. Because the more you will force it, the more your child will be discouraged to color the next time.

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