Tooth Pain Relief in Your Pantry

I have a fellow medical staff at the hospital where I was working who would take a leave of absence because of tooth pain. And it is not even caused by spacers for braces but just ordinary tooth pain. I really wonder how painful it can be to cause her to be absent from work. I never had a serious problem with my teeth in the past, although I must admit that I also experienced toothaches while growing up.

Tooth pain can be mild to severe. Mild pain is bearable while severe pain can cause a person to be totally helpless and unproductive. Perhaps, this is the kind of pain my coworker experiences from time to time. But whatever type of pain it is, your best treatment available is with your dentist. However, in case the pain strikes at an unholy hour of the day or when your dentist is not available, you can find tooth pain relief using some of the products in your pantry. I have researched some home remedies which may be helpful if you are suffering from tooth pain:

1. Salt water – salt water is perhaps one of the best known home remedies for tooth pain. Just mix a spoonful of salt with a glass of warm water. Swoosh the mixture inside your mouth for several minutes then spit. Repeat this procedure until you have consumed the water in your glass.

2. Alcoholic beverages – alcohol can also have a numbing effect on the pain. If you don’t like to swoosh salt water, you can substitute it with vodka, scotch, brandy or whisky for pain relief.

3. Extracts – vanilla extract, almond extract, lemon extract and peppermint extract are some of the effective natural extracts that can also help alleviate the pain in your tooth. To apply, dip a cotton ball in any of these extracts then hold it in place on the affected tooth. It could take several minutes before you can feel the effect.

4. Tea tree oil – A drop of tea tree oil on the affected tooth may also relieve the pain.

5. Oregano oil – Cotton ball dipped in oregano oil saturated in lukewarm water is also a known remedy for a painful tooth.

6. Vinegar – soak a cotton ball with vinegar and then place it on the affected tooth. Any vinegar will do but apple cider vinegar is recommended.

7. Cloves – Clove is an old-time remedy for tooth pain. Just take a clove, smash it and then apply on the distressed tooth.

8. Ginger Root – Chewing fresh ginger root may also help soothe your tooth pain.

9. Potato – Pound a small piece of peeled potato and then apply it on the affected area. Hold it in place for as long as you can or until you find relief.

10. Ice Pack – Get an ice pack and cover it with towel then hold it on the problematic area. The coldness of the ice will numb the pain.

If you are experiencing tooth pain and there is no way to see your dentist right away, try any of the remedies here to get quick relief from the pain.


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