Tracking your pregnancy from day to day

When I was trying to get pregnant a couple of years ago, everything seemed to drive me crazy. Wondering whether I was ovulating or if I was pregnant, and then the disappointment that came with every period cycle. In times of such depression, my two dogs were the only source of comfort to me. I would cuddle them for hours and they seemed to understand my moods as well.


One of the things that helped me maintain my sanity during this difficult time was the implantation calculator I found at this website. It is now available on a plethora of websites and is a must for anyone who is trying to get pregnant. The implantation calculator asks you to submit the day, month and year of your last period or your ovulation. Again, if you want a more accurate reading, you should submit an ovulation date. You can use one of the ovulation calculator tools available online to calculate this date. Ovulation strips are also available in the market and you can regularly check when and if your are pregnant. The reason I started using the implantation calculator was it gave me a better understanding of what time was optimum for conception.  By figuring this out, anyone can improve their chances of getting pregnant.


Once I started using the implantation calculator, I started worrying less and wasn’t really stressed out all the time. However, all this was temporary and all the worrying was for nothing as I soon found out I was pregnant. I did experience a little bleeding in the beginning, but luckily I was in the ER of a hospital in Santa Barbara where I work as a nurse. I went to the gynaecologist immediately and he assured me that it was nothing to worry about as it was just implantation bleeding which is quite normal. A lot of women experience implantation bleeding and freak out.

track your pregnancy

Throughout my pregnancy, I kept using due date calculators that are available on many website. You can simply type ‘how many weeks am I pregnant’ and find out the exact number of weeks and days. These websites also give you a detailed analysis of how far along is your baby developed at any given week and what can you expect in the coming weeks. One thing I found extremely useful was that I was able to know how my body will change from one week to another and what symptoms should I expect. If you are pregnant and a worrier, these tools can help you maintain your sanity during pregnancy as you can read all there is to know about this trying but joyful time period of life. As you reach near the 40 week mark, you have more time on your hands and preparing for the coming baby can also help you feel relaxed and stress free. The important thing to remember is that stress and tension have negative impacts on both the baby and your pregnancy.

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