What You Need to Prepare Before Acquiring Hedgehog as Pet

Many people have that natural love for pets, including me. I am a dog lover and I own two adorable sweet dogs. I like to walk and play with them whenever I have time. I consider them as my most loyal buddies and my stress reliever. While I have dogs as pets, one of my friends also has pets. But he prefers to have exotic pets like a hedgehog rather than a dog or a cat.

hedgehog on grassHedgehogs are tiny animals ranging only between five and eight inches long. With proper care, they can last for up to eight years. Hedgehog owners would admit that hedgehogs may be a lot different from common pets, but they can be as fun to own as having a dog or a cat. They are also easy to care for and maintain. But they are among the least understood pets because they are not very common. In fact, some states consider it illegal to raise hedgehogs at home. But if your state allows it and you are really interested to own one, there are some basic things you need to know about these animals.

First and foremost to raising hedgehog is your basic knowledge about these animals. You should know their attitude, temperament, food preferences, ideal home and many others. You can get valuable information by researching online. There are also many videos that will teach you basic hedgehog care tips like how to hold them, feed them and other helpful tips.

It is also important to get your animal from a reputable breeder. It is best to get a younger hedgehog that is around seven weeks old because it can easily be trained for being handled even by children. A reputable breeder knows just how to care and properly handle these animals in preparation for their prospective owners.

When choosing your pet, choose the one that looks healthy. Check the quills and the skin for any signs of imperfection because they could be a sign of a serious health condition. And most importantly, you should ask the breeder about the gender of your hedgehog if you are not sure what it is. And if it is your first time to own this kind of pet, it is best to start with only one pet. Familiarize yourself first on how to raise this kind of animal before acquiring another one.

Your hedgehog deserves a proper place to stay. You could buy a couple of standard hedgehog cages in many pet stores. The cage should be 3 square feet or bigger to give them enough space for sleeping, eating and play. Beddings, litter box, food and water containers and an exercise wheel are common fixtures in their cage. Also, you must know that hedgehogs are generally insectivores and they prefer eat insects like worms and crickets.

Hedgehogs as pets are just like any other pet that requires a home, proper nutrition and care. And as a responsible owner of a hedgehog, you should know these things so that you can properly care for your pet.


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