On Being a Nurse

Working as an ER nurse certainly is a very exhilarating experience that is always full of action and there really is never a dull moment to be found in our section. We are the forefront front-line available care that a hospital offers and it is with us where you will find every patient that is in need of immediate help. They go to us first.

I have had my share of patients coming through me with all manners of emergencies that you can think of. Some mild and easily remedied by simple medical aid, while some are very much life threatening that mere seconds lost in administering care could mean the loss of a life.

Some come with us with no pulse whatsoever and sometimes we succeed in bringing them back, but not always, while some arrive stronger than a horse yet decline very abruptly and pass away. We do everything we can with our patients and treat each and every emergency the same, with utmost care and haste of treatment.

But for me, the worst cases that I find difficult to treat are the ones that involve children. My heart melts every time a child is brought to us and I often find myself in tears taking care of them. It is often, if not always, not the child’s fault but that of the parents that they are here in the hospital.

I really couldn’t look at the parent’s eyes for fear of berating them and blurting out “if you would have just taken better care of them then none of this would’ve ever happened”, and I just console myself with the fact that sometimes accidents do happen. I can never really take seeing a child in distress ever.

Like the child we treated for lacerations on her forehead because she fell down her crib and hit her head on the supports. After the interview with the mom we found out that the play pen was only a knock off of a popular brand and was missing several padding. If only she would’ve bought the best pack n play for her precious child then this emergency would not have happened in the first place, you can reviews on the different types of pack n play at http://www.fivestartots.com.

But that’s my job and we take care of anyone who passes by our doors, children or not. I just put it in my mind that it’s better that I am here to somehow them help out. But still, oftentimes the job gets very tiring as the grief you sometimes encounter really manages to bring down your spirits and you just can’t take it anymore.

Sometimes I just sleep in the hospital as I can’t really go on anymore especially when I do double shifts, which I’m afraid, is becoming a regularity these days. I just bring my best lightweight luggage with me in my locker so that I can be ready for any eventualities.

This is my job and I am good at it. I know what lies in store for me doing it and I am ready for the all the sacrifices that comes with it. I really love helping people and I think this is the best job for it.

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